Love Lockdown- Valentine's Ideas

It's that time of year again and, whether or not you look at it as a shallow commercial holiday, Valentines's is a great excuse to check in, express your feelings, and let people know you care. With lockdown and social distancing, this year is going to be different from any we've experienced before and it can be a little hard to come up with what to do when the usual movies, fancy meals, couple's activities and generally leaving the house are off the cards. While I don't claim to be a romantic expert I've brainstormed some ideas for how you can celebrate this year whether you're stuck home with your partner, separated from them for the time being, or even riding solo.

For the couple who are allowed to celebrate together:

  • Cook a romantic meal- cliche but this can be made more fun by picking a course each and competing, then you can collaborate on dessert

  • Have a picnic in your living room- this will make a change from your usual at-home meal format and could make for some cute pictures

  • Have a cinema night- once again standard but extra points for REALLY making an event of it

  • Have a scavenger hunt- hide your gifts and make the other solve clues around the house to find it

  • Dress up in your best clothes for a night on the sofa- we're all missing getting dolled up so get dressed up, get some nice photos, and then order a takeaway or whatever else you want to do that evening

  • Try something new in the bedroom- no better time right?

  • Make a simple sweet treat together- collaborating on making chocolate covered strawberries or decorating some Valentine's cookies could be a great bonding opportunity that we don't often make time for

  • Turn your living room into a bar- Play good music, have some drinks, flirt with each other, maybe even dance

  • Find a couple's game- Plenty exist and can be purchased online with the goal of bringing you closer or just spicing up your evening

  • Write a bucket list- We're all stuck doing not much right now but make some plans for when things are back to almost-normal

  • Home spa- throw on your dressing gowns and get busy with face masks, massages, and whatever else you like to treat each other with

For the long distance couple:

  • Send a cheeky gift- lingerie, sex toys, there are many things you can send to a loved one that they can enjoy solo until you can enjoy them together again

  • Stream a film together- that's right, bring back the Netflix party, its simple but it works

  • Video call dinner- Whether you both cook or order something in, set some meal time aside to have a video call, light some candles, and get as close to a romantic dinner together as you can

  • Get virtually naughty- Whatever you're comfortable with in your relationship be it naughty texts, video calls, or a phone session, put in the effort to be intimate and feel connected

  • Write each other letters- It's old fashioned and extremely cute, even if you talk every day it's nice to have something written down that you can keep, send it ahead of time so you know on the day you'll have a reminder of your loved one

  • Take a picture "together"- both dress nice, find a plain background, and break out the photoshop. Results may vary and this can be fun, hilarious if done badly, or could make for a really cute imaginary memory

  • Make a playlist- An ode to the old school mixtape, each of you make the other a playlist of songs that remind you of each other that you can play throughout the day

  • Put together a collage of your favourite memories- each of you pick favourite photos, moments, songs, whatever and put together a mood board of your relationship that you can look back to when you're feeling distant

  • Plan a way to celebrate off-season- Can't be together? Plan a trip or day out for when things are better

For the one riding solo:

  • Cook yourself a romantic meal- if you have a friend or someone you can share it with, even better, remember it's important to romance ourselves sometimes too

  • Spend time on self care- face masks, a long bath, whatever helps you relax

  • Wine and rom coms- you can vary the genre of film and the beverage choice but still, it's nice to throw on a favourite and pretend we haven't all spent the past year watching Netflix non stop

  • Dress up for yourself- Makeup, hair, outfit, dress like you're going somewhere amazing and you're going to feel amazing, bonus points if you can do a whole valentines photoshoot solo

  • Invest in a new toy- some of the best pleasure is self pleasure, treat yourself, Valentine's is the perfect excuse

  • Video chat with your friends- When single, me and my friends love a little valentines celebration and it can feel a lot less lame having a virtual girls night rather than just chilling alone

  • Have a craft session- whatever you enjoy making, do it. There are plenty of valentine's inspired crafts to find online

  • Go exploring- use your little bit of exercise time to explore near your home and enjoy the scenery

  • Have a lazy day- everyone else is going to be under pressure to make the day special so why not just avoid the whole thing? Relax and enjoy not having anyone demanding your attention all day.

Most importantly though just remember that whether you're involved, single, or just don't fancy celebrating, Valentine's Day is just another day and, while it's a nice excuse to be a little extra and romantic, there's no pressure to be loved up and how you spend the day is no reflection on you, your value, or your relationship/lack thereof.

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