A Welcome Note

Like a lot of people, the extra time to think during this atrocious lockdown and the circumstances surrounding it have made me rather self reflective, especially where my passions and my future are concerned. It might seem a little quarter-life-crisis but after some thought and a little planning I've decided to start a blog about the things that people usually trust me to speak on- sex, relationships, and all the good (and the bad and the ugly) stuff surrounding these areas of life.

Am I an expert? Nope. I can't even say that I have the perfect sex or love life, but I'm passionate about always learning and improving and I have been known to offer extremely practical advice supported by my experiences, expertise from previous jobs, and extensive (often probably far too extensive) research into the subject.

I'm not saying this humble little blog will give you the secret to sexual enlightenment or finding a life partner, but I do know a lot about the little that I know and in the absolute worst case I have some pretty funny experiences and takes on things that you might just appreciate reading when you're on the loo. Either way, you can stick around to see what I have that I can share or not, it's up to you, I'll be here writing blog posts to the void anyway because people as opinionated as me need to to feel alive.

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