5 Things Covid Taught Us

Nobody needs to be told pandemics aren't great, a lot of us have been kept from loved ones, work, hobbies, and it's overall been really tough but one thing we can take from this absolute shit show is that it has given those of us who are lucky enough not to have been impacted in the worst imaginable ways plenty of time for reflection. And, like most things in life, there is plenty to be learned from this time. I'm not going to speak politically or in terms of economics because that would require me lying about the extent of my knowledge of those things, but in regards to sex, relationships, and our wellbeing as a whole there are some things that I think we can all take away from this, both important and in the "If I don't laugh, I'll cry" way. And no, I'm not including us all being experts at making banana bread.

  1. Quality time matters With the rush of the work day, constant social engagement, and very little time to stop, it's easy to let your time with your loved ones (be it a partner, family, or friends) become lacklustre, low effort, or just extremely rare. You may find that being home all day with your partner you're doing more together, you're enjoying not always feeling tired and only talking to complain about what that bitch in accounting said earlier, or you're trying new things because you have the energy and time. You may find that some time not seeing the people closest to you has made you realise how much you miss them and has given you the motivation to plan bigger and better things for when you do get to have that time again be it brunches, holidays, or just having a REAL face to face catchup. What I'm saying here is that we need to remember this- don't let yourself get bogged down as soon as you return to work and forget to make those plans or talk about something more than that bitch in accounting. We all need to improve our work/life balance and hopefully this can give us some perspective to do that.

  2. Protection is important I'm not going to lecture you on safe sex really (though I'm sure that'll be a future blog post) but I think we all need to look at the spread of this pandemic and the intensity with which we stocked up on masks, gloves and, unfortunately, loo roll and think about why we're not prioritising other areas of our health this intensely. I think I officially know more people who have been tested for Covid than HIV and, while I'm not downplaying Covid, I think once all this is over everyone would benefit from utilising the other free health testing services we have at our disposal. Also, if you don't want to touch a door handle without a glove, maybe don't touch a strangers genitals without some protection either (if you're offended it's probably because you're being unsafe).

  3. Virtual dating is actually not that bad I said it. I think maybe we should normalise a little virtual date before you sit in a bar with a stranger from tinder who might harvest your organs. It's not only cheap and a lot safer for meeting someone new, but you also get to establish if they're worth leaving the sofa for. This also applies to long distance relationships who relied on spending a lot of money to visit for quality time, friends with busy schedules, and those of us who actually could just spend a little more time on a video call with our nans. The internet is amazing and now that we've managed all of this I think it would be a shame to go back to every motive being a hassle or expense.

  4. Sex toys are important It has been reported that this time of isolation or, for the lucky ones, extended time alone with the person you're intimate with, has resulted in a pretty intense buzz (pun intended) in the sex toy industry. With some countries seeing the revenue as much as tripling, it's hard to still be coy about an industry that clearly plays such a huge role in our free time. Whether you're riding solo or getting experimental with a partner, I think we should all appreciate this moment and vow to continue to be open minded in our pursuit of self love and sexual fulfilment even when we maybe don't have as much time to dedicate to it.

  5. We're all more social than we think We can all agree that this time of isolation is going to result in some amazing reunions and it seems that a lot of people are discovering how important their personal relationships really are. You know the phrase you don't know what you've got until it's gone? Hopefully now that we all know a little bit better we can see some real improvement in the way we treat each other. I don't care if you're going to rush to see your family after all this, if you're vowing to spend more time with your friends, if you're ready to settle down because this shit was lonely or if you're just geared up to dry hump strangers in the club ASAP- the important part is that this will probably forever change the way we look at and value our relationships as a whole and that's awesome.

Whatever you gained from this time I hope it stays with you and whatever you lost I hope you recover from. This whole mess isn't over just yet but as we return to "real life" lets not let this just be a weird time in our lives that we forget about and all try to take something from it, even if it is just a new found appreciation for video calls with your nan.

Oh, and long live the streaming and sex toy industries without whom we likely would have suffered immeasurably.

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