5 sex toys that don't look like sex toys (and would actually make nice gifts)

So sex toys aren't everyone's idea of a nice gift, when you think about them in general you probably think of the overtly phallic toys you can pick up from any major sex shop which often come across as somewhat aggressive and completely lacking in subtlety. But with this being said, I do think that between friends and lovers there should be less taboo around sex toys, they can make amazing gifts if you have a close enough and open enough relationship with the person to feel comfortable buying them something like this. Having worked in sex shops and being a person with very open friends I've seen it happen far more than people may assume. Whether it's a lighthearted stocking filler or a genuinely beautiful piece of erotic art- as long as it's not a surprise gift for someone who could be bothered by it, sex toys can really be an option this time of year. What do you give the person who has everything? Maybe just a little more pleasure.

So we'll jump right in with the Crave Vesper. This darling necklace looks minimalist, chic, and comes in a variety of colours perfect for a plunging neckline on date night (personally the all-gold style is my favourite)- but it also packs quite the punch in the bedroom. Made for external stimulation, this pocket sized vibrator is as elegant as it is powerful, with multiple settings to enjoy. And the best part? It's available right here for only £65.

Next we have the Liberty by Womanizer. This is a toy they've been making for years, most recently gaining some great publicity from their collaboration with the lovely Lily Allen, and it has amazing reviews. Rather than the classic vibrations, this clitoral toy uses contact free stimulation which many have found to be completely life changing. While there are other contact free toys like this one on the market, this probably has the best value for money from what I've seen and can be purchased here for only £89. And in case you're not keen on Lily Allen's colourway- there are others available.

Next we have this adorable toy by Satisfyer. One of many more novelty designs you can find for external stimulation, this little toy has rotating ribs which stimulate gently but with massive impact. Also it looks like a tiny ice cream. Honestly the Sweet Treat is the kind of toy that if anyone found it in your drawer while looking for socks you wouldn't even be embarrassed because just look at it. It can be found here for the small, small price of $39.95

Next up we have the likes of highly decorative dildos. Whether you want something glass with a multitude of decorative and stimulating shapes and textures, ceramic with delightful and artistic painted details that would counter that of your nan's most fancy teapot, or, like the example below, to opt for something that embodies natural beauty like a crystal dildo- all are so ornamental that they'd fit in as well on a mantlepiece as they would a sex shop. There really are endless options for these but the below Rose Quartz Wand can be found here for the small price of £30. Healing properties can be disputed but if that's your jam too then honestly it's double the use.

Finally, we have this extremely pretty butt plug from Lovehoney. Most people don't associate butt plugs with daintily sculpted coloured glass but, much like with the dildos above, there are endless decorative options for butt plugs if you look around which can be absolutely delightful. Just remember that you should never put anything in your butt that isn't made for purpose unless you'd like to end up in the hospital. That being said, this charming design can be found here for less than £25 and there are plenty more to explore.

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